Thursday, February 28, 2013

What could have been.

             My mind is everywhere today. Not sure how to collect my thoughts or even where to start. I'm sick of this cast. I want to just cut the damn thing off and attempt to run down the hallway. I'm sick of asking for help. I'm sick of needing someone to help me shower or get down the stairs. I used to work 7 days a week. Walk all day every day. In one year I put over 30000 miles on my car and since December I have put 0. Feeling stuck is the worst feeling in the world. I want to get my hair done,I want to get my eyebrows done, I want to do ANYTHING that gets me out of the house.

             My emotions are everywhere, We are on cycle 11 TTC. I knew from the very beginning when we had surgery that we had less then a 30% chance. But I had hope. Cycle after cycle I thought to myself that I failed in some way and that he would regret paying all that money we saved to "Fix" me. I am mad at myself some days for wanting it. Things seemed to perk up when we finally got a BFP in late Aug 2012. I allowed to get myself excited and I knew better. Beta after beta and things looked up. I allowed myself to buy an outfit and regret it now since I see that outfit everyday hanging in the closet. But if I put it away it feels like I am putting away the hope with it. I hate disappointing him. He has seemed to have moved on from the MC in September and I haven't. People who are pregnant around me are still pregnant. They are getting ready for baby showers and the nursery and I am here.... sitting on the couch no baby no hope no nothing. I feel like my husband deserves someone who can give him that joy and I have failed. May will come and go and those babies will be born. People will celebrate and post hundreds of pictures daily on facebook of their babies and I will be looking at them lost in thought to what could have been.


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I have died and gone to

Food Heaven

The boys wanted to go to The Sardine Room for dinner since it was all you can eat mussels night. We arrived just in time for happy hour where the oysters are 1.00 a piece. We started with 26 oysters and the steak tar tar .

quail egg, pumpernickel, parmesan reggiano, e.v. olive oil, shishito,

all I can say is amazing.....

As I said the boys had the all you can eat mussels. I passed on that and decided to try a couple more smaller dishes. I ordered the baguette plate and the foie gras  . 

baguette, boursin cheese, house pickles

foie gras, pumpernickel toast, arugula, miniature brie, raspberry and black garlic vinaigrette

Everything was spot on in taste and how it was prepared.

By this time the boys were on their 5th helping of mussels so I decided to try on more dish so I ordered the Portuguese sardines. As a lover of anchovies these were right up my alley.

portuguese sardines, herbed brown butter, capers, goat cheese crostini,

If you are ever in the area of Plymouth MI you must try this place!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Not much new on the foot front. I received a new cast on Monday and will have this one for two weeks.  It's not healing as well as we hoped so the scarring is going to be worse than first expected. I'm so sick of sitting at home all day every day. I should have a boot on it within the next 12 weeks. 

Thankfully these subscription boxes are keeping me entertained. Here are some of the boxes I have received. The Julibox is a booze box that come with 2 types of new drinks to make. Hubby loved it ! I didn't try this months with the fact that we are TTC and I'm taking pain killers. Maybe next month I will try it out.

The next one is the Hammock Pack. Every month they send you a getaway in a box. This month is Movie Night. I have to say the candies in this box were wonderful! I have already ordered more.

A friend of mine and I decided to go on the hunt for the best fried chicken in Detroit. After reading a million reviews we came up with Pollo Chapmin in Mexican town. So off we went on Saturday to try it out. Look what we past on the way!!

Yep, a drop top convertible hearse. Only in Detroit. On the plus side the chicken was awesome and the sides were fresh. Who would have though Mexican Town would have had that good of chicken???

Sunday, February 17, 2013

What a day..

     First and foremost I do not blog for people to read. I started a blog because I didn't have paper to write so what the hell....everyone else is doing it.
    Long story short from today .Stuff ended up missing in our storage unit and was shortly found in the new tenants storage room. After a long wait the police talked to all parties involved, everyone got there stuff back and the tenants have 30 days to move.
              If any one has ever heard of the BHB it is a board on that stands for Bargain Hunters Board. Somehow bargains are no where to be seen on this board. Its a bunch of bored housewives to shoot the shit. Well like any good Bhb member I posted what had happened today. While updating the story my husband finally asked about the site and why I'm always on it. I tried to explain that these woman are super sleuths.  Take Nancy Drew and multiply it times a million. Then give Nancy drew a llama, cocaine and a green head and you have the BHB. So I posted an old picture of police at the neighbors and let these woman go to town. We bet money that within 20 minutes they knew my general location, season, housing situation and the fact that the police officer was not dressed for winter.  Hot damn these ladies are good. We got a good chuckle out of it and I got 20 bucks. They even laughed at my highly picmonkey picture I posted after airbrushing the shit outta it. Those pitches are awesome... 
             Anyways....went to dinner with the hubby and had a yummy dinner.We got home and I proceeded to tell him what a great movie Magic Mike is.  Jokes on him !

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love is in the air

                        Or maybe it's febreze. 

                      Nothing new on the foot front.I am still stuck in this cast till Monday. But on a happy note I received my knee scooter in the mail via UPS. I must say this thing is way easier than crutches. It's sad that even the UPS man knows I'm gimpy and yelled thru the door "Come on speedy". I put in the basket a portable speaker to jam to my tunes while I'm gliding down the hallway.  I would have given anything to record my husbands reaction when I played Lowrider on the speaker and came back into the living room. Epic. 

Speaking of husbands on this Valentines day. Mine woke up and got me McDonalds for breakfast, roses, a card and made dinner.  I love that man. Can't say it enough. Hope all of you had a wonderful valentines day and spoiled the ones you loved. Or at least gave them a good banging. ;)

Shout Outz

             I want to take a moment to let you all know about . I have been complaining for weeks about my cold toes in my cast and my husband kept trying to cover them up with an ugly sock.(At least he tried) 
          I came across this company one night who makes cast covers for everything. They seemed to be the only company  that had a closed toe design to keep these piggys warm. I ordered the Zebra Diva design and the wait began. The cost was well worth it and the turn around for the product was fast. They even included a hand written note with the cover! I have a a TON of people commenting how much they loved it. So do I!
         I have been eyeballing a pair of sunshine yellow crutches on their site that I just might indulge in. Shhhh....Don't tell the hubby. 

What you can't tell in the picture is that the cover is sparkly. Head on over to Cast Coverz Facebook and let em know I sent ya!

Bionic Leg

I finally received the Xrays for my leg. I am now the sworn enemy to the metal detector. 2 plates, 13 pins and a random screw. The Terminator doesn't have shit on me!!!